Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Auto Technic (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (collectively referred to the “Company”) has this Privacy Policy as basic principle for protecting Personal Data of our product or service customer(s). This Privacy Policy will cover the Company’s business operation related to Personal Data and other information which the Company collects in our business operation.

  1. Personal Data Definition

    “Personal Data” means “information relating to ordinary person which can identify such person directly or indirectly according to the applicable law.

  2. Collected Personal Data
    1. Collected Personal Data

      The Company collects your Personal Data and other data as follows:

      1. Name – Surname;
      2. Date of Birth;
      3. ID Card No. or Passport No.;
      4. Address;
      5. Contact number for example telephone number or social media contact (such as Line ID and Facebook ID);
      6. Education level;
      7. Occupation;
      8. Other Personal Data that you provide to the Company.
    2. Method to collect Personal Data

      The Company will collect Personal Data from various channels. The Company will directly receive your information from Company Staff as the main channel. Besides, the Company may collect Personal Data from other activities that you will provide information directly or through website www.autotechnic.co.th or other Company’s website(s) (“Website”) or other Social online channel or customer service center, the Company’s affiliates or other source which are not directly from you, for example from other customers, other Isuzu authorized dealer(s), other Chevrolet authorized dealer(s), trade associations or organization(s).

    3. Duration to keep Personal Data

      The Company will keep your Personal Data for our utilization according to the objectives as informed for the period as long as you are our customer and will keep and utilize it consecutively, as necessary according to the objectives to collect and keep Personal Data or according to the law, for another 10 years after your status as a customer of the Company, Dealer or Tri Petch Group Companies, is over.

  3. Objectives to collect and keep Personal Data

    The Company will collect, keep, use and/or disclose other information including your Personal Data as necessary under legitimate interest of the Company and/or the Dealer or under consent given by you or under the reasonable ground by law(s), as necessary for the following objectives:

    1. For utilization in data management on your data in arrangement marketing activities of the Company and/or Tri Petch Group Companies according to each terms and conditions of such activities. In this Policy “Tri Petch Group Companies” shall mean company which its share(s) held by Tri Petch Isuzu Sales Co., Ltd., or Tri Petch Holding Co., Ltd., whether directly or indirectly;
    2. Provision, maintenance, protection and improvement of the service in the Website, including but not limited to identity verification, acceptance of registration for the service, identification, record of Customer setting and payment of use fees that are related to Service, measurement of traffic and actions of the Customer, distribution, display and measuring effect of advertisements, guidance and response to inquiries relating to the service, addressing a violation of rules, regulations or policies of the Company relating to the Service (the “Terms of Use” and the “Rules”) and notice of modification to the Terms of Use and the Rules or related matters;
    3. For providing information, mass media related to product, service or marketing activities through channel as you has provided including for proposing the product and service of Tri Petch Group Companies;
    4. For developing product and service including to promote sales activities and marketing activities of Tri Petch Group Companies;
    5. For communicating, responding and supporting you including for after sale service;
    6. For identity verification before rendering service to you;
    7. For Research and Development on product and service of Tri Petch Group Companies;
    8. For rendering service and/or contacting through postal mail for example contacting for survey the customer satisfaction on product and service of Tri Petch Group Companies, for making appointment for interval checking or maintenance of vehicle, for reminding sale promotion activities or discount campaign;
    9. For benefit of vehicle warranty;
    10. For performance under contract or agreement ;
    11. For performance in compliance with the law and/for public interest;
    12. For protecting or preventing danger against life, body or health of person.

    If you decline to provide Personal Data to the Company, we may not be able to render service to you in some case.

  4. Disclosure of Personal Data
    1. Type of Personal Data recipient

      In the Company’s business operation, the Company has to disclose Personal Data as necessary to Tri Petch Group Companies, Dealer, service provider(s) and business partner(s) of Tri Petch Group Companies for example for market analysis service, for logistic service, for sale promotion activities, for communication, for postal service and other disclosure under the objectives in Clause 3.

    2. Send or transfer Personal Data oversea

      In certain case, the Company has to transfer the collected information to the Company’s database as operated and managed on Cloud Servers by our business partner(s) oversea which has adequate measure to protect Personal Data under the applicable Personal Data Protection Law in Thailand. This information will be secured and strictly protected.

  5. Data Subject’s Rights

    Under the principle, terms and conditions prescribed in the applicable Personal Data Protection Law in Thailand, you are entitled to the following rights:

    1. You can withdraw consent at any time by contacting the Company through the channel as provided under Clause 8. Please be informed that if you withdraw your consent, you may not be able to receive certain information or privilege including to be contacted from the Company, Dealer for special privilege and Isuzu activities;
    2. You can request for copy, revise or update your Personal Data as collected in the Company’s responsibility to be up-to-date, accurate and not causing mistaken and request for disclosure of getting your Personal Data without your consent;
    3. You can receive or request the Company to send or transfer your Personal Data to other Personal Data Controller;
    4. You can object the collecting, keeping, using or disclosing of Personal Data or stop using Personal Data in certain cases as prescribed by law;
    5. You can request the Company to delete or destroy or process to de-identify your Personal Data in certain cases as prescribed by law;
    6. You can file complaint to competent government authority.
  6. Cookies

    “Cookies” is a small data file stored in web browser of user’s computer system. Cookies collect user’s behavior in visiting the Website for developing and improving the Website and Company’s services. If you would like to stop the Cookies to record the said information, you could disable the Cookies in your web browser setting.

  7. Improvement of Privacy Policy

    The Company reserves the right to improve this Privacy Policy which the Company will inform you about the said improvement. Also the Company may additionally inform you about other details related to your privacy for example, objectives in collecting your information other than specified herein, whereby the improvement or additional information related to the said privacy policy shall be effective upon when the Company informs you by method as Company deems appropriate, except in case that is required your consent by law. In such case, the improvement or additional details regarding the said privacy policy shall be effective when the Company gets your consent.

  8. Contact Us

    In case you have any enquiry, suggestion or comment on this Privacy Policy or the Company’s Website, you can contact the Company through various channels, details as follows:

    Personal Data Controller Venue and contact
    Auto Technic (Thailand) Co., Ltd. E-mail : cr_center@autecthai.com
    Tel. Number : +662 652 7527 , +668 5248 0077
    Address : Customer Relation Office, Head Office 1494 New Petchburi road, Makkasan, Ratchathevi, Bangkok 10400
    For Truck2Hand.com
    E-mail : contact@truck2hand.com
    Telephone Number : +66(0) 64 456 6616
    Address : 1494 New Petchburi road, Makkasan, Ratchathevi, Bangkok 10400

    The Company is welcome to response to your enquiry, suggestion and comment to develop and improve the Website and the Company’s services.